Bash Logging


exec 1> >(logger -s -t "$(basename "$0")") 2>&1

Been looking for a way to pipe your entire bash script into a log file, syslog, journald, or whatever? The above line does it super simply!!

This was a line I had found a few years back, started learning ansible, and lost this nugget of knowledge, and recenlty found it once again (but lost the website I found it from… Sorry!)

What does it do?

  • exec: this line tells bash “you are to run everything”
  • 1> >( this sets up piping 1 (stdout) through to whats inside the parenthesis
  • logger -s -t "$(basename "$0")") the logger program is a means of piping output into your systems syslog or rsyslog or what have you. basename adds the file/scripts name onto the syslog entry.
  • 2>&1 is for piping 2 or stderr into the exec command

This information was wonderfully pulled from UrbanAutomation’s website.