These directions are way out of date. Do not use these!

NZBGet is a downloading program specifically for downloading from [Usenet-Servers]. They are inherintely more secure and are, in general, much quicker to download than torrents.


First, install UnRAR. This is specifically for handingling what are called .rar files. Those mysterious crazy files that you randomly come across on the internets.

Rar files are usually large files, taken apart into seperate items, along with a couple extra, documentation files for how they should be pieced back together again. unrar handles these guys along with NZBGet.

sudo apt-get install unrar

NZBGet Installation

NZBGet Is installed… a bit different than other, apt-based applications.

[NZBGet-GitHub] is nice enough to provide us shell scripts that take care of a lot of installation steps. Though, if you’re like me, you might, at LEAST, want to look over what this script does first.

But, if you want the installation command, thats:

wget -O - | \
sed -n "s/^.*stable-download.*: \"\(.*\)\".*/\1/p" | \
wget --no-check-certificate -i - -O


Check out Using \ as New Lines for some breakdown as above.

Sadly, a lot of times this command doesn’t always work out, and its almost never a “one-size-fits-all” scenario on why. The best first step is to look at [NZBGet-GitHub] to see what they say, and if anyone else has had the same issues.

[NZBGet-HTPC]Copied from HTPCGuides on NZBGet
[NZBGet-GitHub](1, 2) NZBGet GitHub Page
[Usenet-Servers]Usenet Servers are the old-school Internet, more-or-less, before there was a real “internet.” Usenet Wikipedia